Bluetooth® Asset ManagementSmart-Tag Technology

Weldco Tech is proud to introduce their newly patented product, the Weldco Smart-Tag: a future that embraces attachments that communicate using Bluetooth® technology.

How it Works
Tracks Your Assets
Track asset movement and location with fixed or mobile readers (Weldco Gateways) and receive automated shipping alerts.
Stores Asset Data
Store asset information, available in mobile app including: location, product specs, inspection history, and photos.
Manages Assets
With the Smart-Tag App, add pertinent information to enhance your inventory management.

Smart-Tag TechnologyFeatures

Standard Features

  • Permanent weld-on tags are included on every newly manufactured attachment
    • Cloud-based with encryption lock
    • Cellular or WIFI access
    • Fraction of the cost of satellite/RFID
    • 5 Year battery life; works in -40° conditions
    • Industrial grade
  • Temporary or permanent beacons available in
    different sizes

Enhanced Features*

  • Receive automated arrival/ departure alerts
  • Ability to view current location and location
    history of assets
  • Integration into ERP

*Additional fee.

Weldco Smart-Tags

Fixed or mobile sentrys (gateways) update the asset’s location information to the cloud.

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